PhD Students

The Research Group is always interested in considering proposals for new PhD projects, and our staff are able to offer supervision in a wide variety of areas, ranging from author profiling, computational lexicography and translation studies to cyber-terrorism detection, text summarisation and sentiment analysis.

You can read about the research interests and potential supervision topics of staff in our RGCL Staff pages.

Please fill in our PhD Initial Enquiry Form, selecting 'Computational and Corpus Linguistics' -  if you would like to express your interest in studying with us.

If you have a more rounded proposal and have already been in contact with an academic within RGCL, please use the Application Form.

The next Postgraduate Open Week is 20-25 June 2022.

Isuri Anuradha

PhD student
Interests: Text mining, Deep Learning, Information Extraction, Computational Linguistics, Digital Humanities.
Room: MC132

Oliver Cakebread-Andrews

PhD student
Corpus Linguistics, Sentiment Analysis, Machine Learning, NLP and Computational Linguistics.

Maria Carmela Cariello

PhD Student

Rocio Caro

PhD student
Interests: Computational Linguistics, Machine Translation, Translation Memory, Corpus Linguistics.
Room: MC130

Sandra Elfiky

PhD student (Part Time)
Interests: Computational Linguistics, Corpora Construction, Annotation and Automatic Terminology Processing

Sonia Kropiowska

PhD student 
Interests: Corpus Linguistics, Lexicography, corpus-driven lexical analysis, creative and innovative use of language
Room: MC133

Maria Kunilovskaya

PhD student 
Interests: Machine Learning, Computational Linguistics, NLP, Parallel Corpora, Translation Quality Estimation, Learner Translator Corpora, Corpus-based Translation Studies, Text Linguistics, Translator Education
Room: MC132

Dean Hunter

PhD student 
Interests: Computational Linguistics, Deep Learning, NLP, Machine Learning, Procedural programming, Source Code Representation
Room: MC130

Alistair Plum

PhD student 
Interests: Information Extraction, Machine Translation, Sentiment Analysis, Computational Linguistics, Quantitative Linguistics
Room: MC130

Damith Premasiri

PhD student 
Interests: Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics, Cyber Security
Room: MC132

Kanishka Silva

PhD student 
Computational Linguistics, Corpus Linguistics, Authorship Attribution, Evolutionary Computation,  Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Algorithms, Project Management.
Room: MC132 

Hadeel Saadany

PhD student
Semantic Parsing, Machine Learning, Fake News Detection, Arabic Computational Linguistics, Deep Learning Architectures


Dr Tharindu Ranasinghe

Autumn 2021

A semantic textual similarity metric based on deep learning for effective translation memories


Dr Ha Bui

Summer 2021

Anaphoric resolutions in the probabilistics type theory


Dr Omid Rohanian

Autumn 2020

Contributions to the Computational Treatment of Non-Literal Language


Dr Ahmed Omer

Autumn 2020

Computational Stylometry for Arabic Text


Dr Najah Albaqawi

Autumn 2020

Gender Variation in Gulf Pidgin Arabic


Dr Richard Evans

June 2020

Sentence Simplification for Text Processing


Dr Hanna Bechara

February 2020

A STS enhanced QE Method and its Applications to NLP tasks


Dr Mireille Makary

August 2019

Ranking retrieval systems using minimal human assessments


Dr Shiva Taslimipoor

July 2018

Automatic Identification and Translation of Multiword Expressions


Dr Victoria Yaneva


AUTOR: Assessing Text and Web Accessibility for People with Autism Spectrum Disorder


Dr Rohit Gupta


Use of Language Technology to Improve Matching and Retrieval in Translation Memory


Dr Sanja Stajner


New Data-driven Approaches to Text Simplification


Dr Miguel Angel Rios Gaona 


Measuring Semantic Similarity of Texts.


Further Completed PhD's can be found here.