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Staff at RGCL

Professor Ruslan Mitkov 

Head of the Research Group

Professor in Computational Linguistics  
Interests: Anaphora resolution, automatic summarisation, centering, machine translation
Room: MC138

Professor Gloria Corpas Pastor

Professor (Visiting Professor)
Corpus-based translation studies, translation technologies, translator training, phraseology, lexicography, terminology, e-resources and virtual learning environments (VLE)
Room: MC139

Professor Patrick Hanks

Professor in Lexicography (Part Time)
Interests: Lexicography and lexicology, corpus-driven lexical analysis, mapping meaning onto word use, textual entailment, distributional semantics, creative and innovative use of language, similes, metaphors, metonymy, and all kinds of figurative language, also personal names: origin and history of family names
Room: MC133

Dr Michael Oakes

Reader in Computational Linguistics
Interests: Statistics for corpus linguistics, information retrieval, authorship attribution
Room: MC137

Dr Burcu Can

Reader in Computational Linguistics 
Interests: Computational linguistics (morphology, syntax, semantics), machine learning models for natural language processing (unsupervised learning, Bayesian models, neural networks, joint learning), representation learning, natural language processing for resource-scarce and agglutinative languages (e.g. Turkish)
Room: tbc

Dr Le An Ha

Senior Lecturer
Interests: Automatic terminology processing, word segmentation
Room: MC134

Dr Emad Mohamed

Senior Lecturer of Computational Linguistics
Computational Linguistics, Machine Translation, Translation Technology, Corpus Linguistics, Arabic (Computational & Corpus) Linguistics, Digital Humanities, Cultural Analytics
Room: MC137

Dr Frédéric Blain

Senior Lecturer of Translation Technology
Quality Estimation and Evaluation, Translation Technology (especially Machine Translation and Computer Aided Translation), Natural Language Processing, Lifelong Learning and Deep Learning.
Room: tbc

Dr Sara Moze

Lecturer in Computational Lexicology
Interests: Corpus linguistics, mono- and bilingual lexicology and lexicography, contrastive grammar, cognitive linguistics, Frame Semantics, morphosyntactic and syntactic annotation, semantic role labeling
Room: MC133

Dr Raheem Sarwar

Lecturer in NLP
Interests: Information Retrieval, Text Mining, Authorship Attribution, Author Profiling, Scientometrics, and Altmetrics.
Room: tbc

Dr Richard Evans

Interests: Syntactic simplification, information extraction and named entity recognition
Room: MC132

Dr Victoria Yaneva

Lecturer - Part Time
Interests: Language disorders, psycholinguistics, readability assessment
Room: MC132





April Harper

PA to Professor Mitkov and Research Administrator
Responsible for: PA to Professor Mitkov, administrator for Computational Linguistics, support for master's students
Room: MC135

Suman Hira

PA to Professor Mitkov 
Responsible for: PA to Professor Mitkov
Room: MC135

Dr Amanda Bloore

Project and Funding Officer
Responsible for: Generating new funding opportunities, assisting with the project management of existing projects, support PA to Prof Mitkov
Room: MC135

Kate Wilson

Project Officer
Responsible for: Generating new funding opportunities, assisting with the project management of existing projects, support PA to Prof Mitkov
Room: MC135

Dr Teeroumanee Nadan

Erasmus Mundus Master Programme Administrative Coordinator
Responsible for: EMTTI Project Coordinator
Room: MC135

Emma Franklin

Research Assistant
Interests: Corpus linguistics, discourse analysis, language and identity, genre analysis
Room: MC135