Research Group of Computational Linguistics

The Research Group of Computational Linguistics is an internationally recognised and leading centre in Natural Language Processing. It was founded by Prof. Ruslan Mitkov in 1998 and is one of the leading research institutes in the UK. The group is well known for its high-level research with strong international and inter-sector collaboration, and is renowned for its innovative Natural Language Processing (NLP) research and development of various NLP tools and resources.

Research areas and projects

The Group pursues active research in many areas including:

  • anaphora resolution
  • automatic summarisation
  • terminology extraction
  • corpus development and exploitation
  • information extraction
  • named entity recognition
  • question answering
  • multiple choice questions
  • multilingual applications

Current research projects involve the ‘EXPERT’ project, which aims to train young researchers to promote the research, development and use of hybrid language translation technologies, and the Group carries out ongoing research work for the American National Board of Medical Examiners. We have recently completed AHRC- and EU-funded projects, and also have a variety of doctoral students carrying out their own funded research, including work on information retrieval, processing multiword expressions, psycholinguistics and machine translation.  

Visit our Research Group in Computational Linguistics website for further details, or call +44 (0)1902 321630.

PhD applications

The Research Group is always interested in considering proposals for new PhD projects, and our staff are able to offer supervision in a wide variety of areas, ranging from author profiling, computational lexicography and translation studies to cyber-terrorism detection, text summarisation and sentiment analysis.

Please fill in our PhD Initial Enquiry Form if you would like to express your interest in studying with us.

Dr Victoria Yaneva who studied her PhD with us and is now a Research Associate, presented her research at TEDx in Birmingham. With the 21st Century known as the age of information, access to knowledge can change our lives in so many ways. Yet comprehension difficulties are a core characteristic of those on the autistic spectrum, making extracting meaning a distinct challenge. Victoria outlines how technology can help bridge these differences in learning, by building upon the strengths of those with autism rather than focusing on weaknesses.

Current members of the Research Group

Head of the Research Group

Professor Ruslan Mitkov

Professor in Computational Linguistics and Head of the Research Group
Interests: Anaphora resolution, automatic summarisation, centering, machine translation
Room: MC138

Academic staff

Dr. Constantin Orasan

Reader in Computational Linguistics and Deputy Head of the Research Group
Interests: Automatic summarisation, translation memories, machine learning, question answering, corpora, user interfaces
Room: MC139

Professor Gloria Corpas Pastor

Visiting Professor
Corpus-based translation studies, translation technologies, translator training, phraseology, lexicography, terminology, e-resources and virtual learning environments (VLE)
Room: MC139

Dr Le An Ha

Senior Lecturer
Interests: Automatic terminology processing, word segmentation
Room: MC134

Professor Patrick Hanks

Part-time Professor, Co-investigator, DVC project
Interests: Lexicography and lexicology, corpus-driven lexical analysis, mapping meaning onto word use, textual entailment, distributional semantics, creative and innovative use of language, similes, metaphors, metonymy, and all kinds of figurative language, also personal names: origin and history of family names
Room: MC133

Dr Michael Oakes

Reader in Computational Linguistics
Interests: Statistics for corpus linguistics, information retrieval, authorship attribution
Room: MC137

Research staff

Richard Evans

Research Fellow
Interests: Syntactic simplification, information extraction and named entity recognition
Room: MC132

Dr Sara Moze

Research Associate in Lexicography
Interests: Corpus linguistics, mono- and bilingual lexicology and lexicography, contrastive grammar, cognitive linguistics, Frame Semantics, morphosyntactic and syntactic annotation, semantic role labeling
Room: MC133

Dr Victoria Yaneva

Research Associate
Interests: Language disorders, psycholinguistics, readability assessment
Room: MC130

Administrative staff

Dr Yvonne Skalban

Project and Funding Administrator and PA to Professor Mitkov
Responsible for: Generating new funding opportunities, assisting with the project management of existing projects, support PA to Prof Mitkov
Room: MC135

April Harper

PA to Professor Mitkov and Research Administrator
Responsible for: PA to Professor Mitkov, administrator for Computational Linguistics, support for master's students
Room: MC135

Iain Mansell

Project and Marketing Officer
Responsible for: Project management of externally-funded projects, EXPERT project Network Coordinator, commercial development, marketing and communications
Room: MC135

Emma Franklin

Part-time PA and Research Assistant
Interests: Corpus linguistics, discourse analysis, language and identity, genre analysis
Room: MC135


PhD students

Najah Albaqawi

PhD student
Interests: Linguistics, sociolinguistics, corpus linguistics, phonetics, morpho-syntax, language and dialects, language acquisition, phenomena of language contact, Gulf pidgin Arabic
Room: MC130

Shiva Taslimipoor

PhD student
Interests: Processing multiword expressions, context similarity investigations, data extraction from comparable corpora
Room: MC130

Mireille Makary

PhD student (part-time)
Interests: Information retrieval
Room: MC130

Hanna Bechara

PhD student
Interests: Statistical machine translation, quality estimation for machine translation, automatic post-editing
Room: MC130

Mohammad Alharbi

PhD student
Room: MC134