Pharmacy Research Group

The Pharmacy Research Group (PRG) is the latest addition to the existing seven other distinct research groups within the Research Institute in Healthcare Science (RIHS).

The PRG has been set up to develop and carry out well coordinated research in Pharmacy, both at UG and PG levels, establish internal and external research collaborations, generate external grant income, and to publish in peer reviewed journals.

The central theme of the research activities within the PRG revolves around discovery, design, development and delivery of drugs for the treatment of infections, cancers, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, and current issues in Pharmacy profession.

Currently (2103), there are 4 post-doctoral fellows, 15 PhD and 12 MSc students supervised by the members of the PRG.

The PRG works in close collaboration with at other research groups within RIHS, namely:

Research collaborations are ongoing nationally and internationally with links with other research groups including:

  • Australia
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Iran
  • India
  • Libya
  • Pakistan
  • USA
  • UK

There are three divisions within the PRG:

Drug Discovery and Design Research Division

Research within this division focuses on new ‘drug lead’ discovery from natural products as well as through rational drug design, molecular modelling and synthesis for the treatment of cancer, diabetes and infectious diseases.

This division also aims to extend its activities towards the synthesis of nanoparticles and ‘molecular umbrellas’ for pharmaceutical applications (eg drug delivery).

This division incorporates research expertise from the areas of natural product chemistry, pharmaceutical microbiology, medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry, and natural medicine.

Division members:

The Drug Development and Delivery Research Division

This division utilises its existing research strengths and expertise in clinical trial, pharmaceutical formulations, liposomal drug delivery and molecular pharmacology of new or currently available anticancer, antidiabetic and antiinfective drugs.

This division also incorporates research in other modern drug delivery systems including ultrasound delivery, peptide delivery and ‘molecular umbrellas’. Research involving pharmaceutical analysis and assay development are also included.

Division members:

Professional Pharmacy Research Division

Research covers various aspects of pharmacy practice, including:

  • safe and effective use of medicines
  • primary and secondary care service development
  • pharmacy education
  • pharmaceutical public health

Division members:

For further information on post-doc, PhD, MSc/MPhil and research collaboration opportunities, contact Professor Paul Rutter