Molecular Pharmacology Research Group

The group is examining the synthesis, assay, biological effects and medical application of bioactive peptides and is also researching signalling pathways involved in vascular angiogenesis.

Group leader

Professor John Howl, Reader

Research interests

  • Molecular pharmacology of G protein coupled receptors and associated second messenger systems
  • Chimeric peptides as molecular probes and signal transduction modulators
  • Biomedical applications of cell-penetrant vectors
  • Cytotoxic peptides: de novo synthesis and isolation from biological sources
  • Mass spectrometric analyses of the proteome
  • Novel applications of peptides including the development of platforms for protein purification and quantitative mass spectrometry
  • Role of the calcineurin-NFAT signaling pathway in vascular angiogenesis
  • Role of the Ras-effector protein RASSF1 in vascular angiogenesis

Group members