Molecular Immunology Research Group

The group is researching a range of immunological aspects of disease  and the development of immunological techinques. Areas include autoimmune disease and human endogenous retroviruses, antibody technology and assay development.

Group leader

Dr Paul N Nelson, Reader

Research interests

  • Allergy, salivary IgA
  • Lupus, Hughes Syndrome, Transplantation
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Viral Immunology, Autoimmunity (RA/SLE/MS), Cancer

Group members

  • Dr Shantha Perera, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Gill Cond√©, Senior Lecturer
  • Denise Roden, Research Assistant

Research students

  • Graham Freimanis
  • Dr Jia Jungying
  • Dr William Simmons
  • Richard Smith