Diabetes, Physiology and Molecular Medicine Research Group

The research interests of the Diabetes, Physiology and Molecular Medicine Research Group  encompass the molecular and cellular basis of diabetes and its complications  (including cardiovascular disease), cardiovascular physiology, and developments in clinical biochemistry diagnosis.

Group leader

Dr Simon J Dunmore, Senior Lecturer

Research interests

  • Diabetes & islet research
  • Cardiovascular disease and physiology
  • Clinical biochemistry

Group members

Diabetes, islet & diabetic vascular disease research:

islet beta-cell function & failure in type 2 diabetes; adipokines and the adipo-insular axis; glycation of proteins and vascular dysfunction

Clinical Biochemistry research:

biochemical markers of myocardial damage/ischaemia and ethnicity of cardiovascular risk factors

Cardiovascular research:

platelet resistance to clopidogrel and aspirin in unstable coronary artery disease; cardiovascular physiology; Physiological and pharmacological effects on cardiac vagal tone

  • Dr James Cotton (Honorary Senior Lecturer)
  • Dr Simon Dunmore
  • Dr James Vickers
  • Dr Steven Anderson
  • Dr Janine Fletcher
  • Dr Jonathan Phillips
  • Dr Andrew Worrall (Cardiology specialist registrar; MD research student)
  • Tom Watson (research student)
  • Jennie Watkins (research student)