Leisure Industries Research (LIR)

The Leisure Industries research group conduct research and consultancy projects designed to tackle challenges facing organisations. Our work focuses on issues related to working within tourism, hospitality, events and sport management industries. 

We include academics with industrial experience stretching across the globe, and we have a diverse publishing profile.  Previous public and private sector clients include The Holker Group, The NEC Group, NorthWest Development Agency (NWDA), the British Educational Travel Association (BETA) and Chester Civic Trust.

Current Projects

We have some exciting projects in the following areas

  • Consultancy work for event organisers and venues
  • Feasibility studies and business development plans
  • Service performance evaluation

Can exercise become a habitual aspect of leisure pursuit?

The research builds on the success of the 2012 Olympics and the importance of delivering an Olympic legacy. Despite known benefits, approximately 25% of adults in both the USA and UK engage in no leisure-time physical activity. For many, leisure offers the most obvious opportunity for increasing exercise-related activity. The main reasons for visitors going to such sites may relate to appreciation of nature rather than engaging in formal exercise, but activities such as walking and cycling represent examples of exercise that can be engaged in during visitation of the site.

Postgraduate (research) study:

The members of the Leisure Industries Research Group are currently supporting students who are engaging in Postgraduate study – both on Taught courses and through Research degrees.

  • Carol Southall is conducting a PhD that examines the relationship between cultural awareness and perceptions of quality in tourism. She is looking particularly at the importance and nuances of cultural awareness, the impact of that awareness in a tourism context and the role of the cultural broker in facilitating cultural exchange. Carol is currently working with a UK Tour Operator to conduct ongoing research with UK tourists and European suppliers.
  • Claire Jackaman is looking at how the reasons why people enjoy visiting areas of natural beauty, focusing on  Cannock Chase'.


For further information on the work of this group, or to discuss opportunities for collaboration and/or consultancy relating to our areas of expertise, please contact the group co-ordinators Dr Crispin Dale and Dr Paul Fallon.

Selected recent publications and reports:

  • Dale, C., and Povey, G. (2009) An evaluation of learner-generated content and podcasting. Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education, 8(1), pp 117-123. Abstract available on-line at http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/assets/hlst/documents/johlste/vol8no1/PP0214Format117to123.pdf
  • Fallon, P., and Schofield, P. (2006) The dynamics of destination attribute importance. Journal of Business Research, 59, pp 709-713. Abstract available on-line at http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S014829630600018X
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  • Robinson P., Povey G., Page K., and Gelder G. (2011) Suggest giving title of report and then saying for whom the work has been prepared e.g. Report prepared for the Penn Community Events Centre (http://www.penn.org.uk/community.html).
  • Robinson P., Gelder S., Robinson L., and Gelder G (2012 Feasibility Study: The Holker Group.  See comment for Penn
  • Schofield, P., and Fallon, P. (accepted for publication) Assessing the Viability of University Alumni as a Repeat Visitor Market.  Tourism Management.   Abstract available on-line at  on-line at http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0261517711002895
  • Wale, D., Gelder, G., and Robinson, P (2012) Ticket Buying Project: Market Research in conjunction with NEC Group LTD See comment for Penn

For a more detailed overview of publications which emanate from the work of this group, please consult individual staff profiles available to view through the links above, or the Staff Directory.

Group Members

Dr Crispin Dale
Principal Lecturer Learning and Teaching
Email: C.Dale@wlv.ac.uk

David Dalton-Leggett
Associate Senior Lecturer
Email: david.dalton-leggett@wlv.ac.uk

Dr Paul Fallon
Senior Lecturer
Email: P.E.Fallon@wlv.ac.uk

Steve Gelder
Senior Lecturer
Email: s.gelder@wlv.ac.uk

Ade Oriade
Senior Lecturer in Tourism
Email: ade.oriade@wlv.ac.uk

Ghislaine Povey
Senior Lecturer
Email: G.Povey@wlv.ac.uk

Peter Robinson
Principal Lecturer and Head of Department for Leisure Industries and Arena Theatre
Email: P.Robinson@wlv.ac.uk

Debra Wale
Senior Lecturer, Leisure Industries
Email: D.Wale@wlv.ac.uk