Dance Medicine and Science Research Workshop

2nd June and 3rd June 2017 held at the Walsall Campus, University of Wolverhampton.

The Institute of Sport and School of Performing Arts are hosting a 2-day workshop focused on current research themes and future collaborations in dance medicine and science. It will give attendees an opportunity to hear about contemporary projects with opportunities to network and develop future partnerships.

Each day will start at 10.00am and run until 5.00pm with lunch and refreshment breaks. 





Prof Matthew Wyon

Welcome and setting the scene


Dr Aline Haas

Dance Science Research at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil


Nico Kolokythas

Maturation and overuse injuries in aesthetic sports: A Systematic Review


Frances Clarke

The development of a balance score field test


Janine Bryant

Aging and Range of Motion – What Dancers Need to Know


Moira McCormack

Beyond the Beighton Score - Measuring Global Hypermobility in Dancers


Siobhan Mitchell

Health and wellbeing in elite dancers: Implications of maturity timing


Sefika Kiziltoprak

Glut muscle strength levels in pre professional ballet dancers: is there a correlation with snapping hip syndrome?


Dr Manuela Angioi

Fitness levels in contemporary and ballet professional and pre professional dancers: a systematic review of the literature


Anna Williams

An investigation into the prevalence of hypermobility and its relationship with self-reported injury in adolescent and pre-professional contemporary dancers


Klara Lucznik

Enhancing dancers' creativity - a cognitive perspective on the use of imagery training and flow experience in HE training





Prof Yiannis Koutedakis

Bone-health status in dancers (40min)


Lauren Copping

Female Contemporary Dancers Perceptions of Memory Competency and the Effects of Distributed Practice on Motor Memory and Changes to Blood Flow in Brain Regions


Dr Helen Clegg

Challenging conceptions of gender: UK dance teachers' perceptions of boys and girls in the ballet studio


Joyce Stone

The relationship between changes in active and passive ROM and injury incidence and performance during adolescence: A systematic review


Amal Hassan

Unexplained underperformance syndrome in dancers


Elizabeth Yutzey

Mixed-Methods Analysis of Existing Creativity Measures in Dance and the Development of a Pilot Dance-Specific Test of Creativity


Bárbara Pessali-Marques

Comparison of MTU accommodation and ROM improvement during ten stretch series in dancers


Matthew Wyon

Effect of vitamin D supplementation on muscle function and injury


Nicola Stephens

Anatomy of a musical theatre dancer - a descriptive study investigating trends highlighted at admission screening


Nico Kolokythas

Lack of association between lower-leg muscle stiffness and jump height in elite adolescent ballet dancers: an observational study

If you would like to attend, have research you would like to share or would like further information please contact Prof Matthew Wyon (m.wyon@wlv.ac.uk)

£30 for both days to include refreshments and lunch
£20 for one day to include refreshments and lunch

Directions to Walsall campus click here