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Research Groups

Our research focuses on numerous applied and theoretical areas of Psychology, including: health psychology, counselling psychology, cognitive psychology, cyberpsychology, forensic and investigative psychology, and intellectual and developmental disabilities. Each of these areas is represented in a number of overlapping research groups.

Cyberpsychology Research at the University of Wolverhampton (CRUW)

CRUW seek to provide a forum to promote the academic and applied socio-psychological study of the impact of the Internet and emerging technologies on our everyday lives. Research areas include:

  • Online self disclosure
  • Online impression management
  • Personality types in cyberspace
  • Cybercrime

Visit the CRUW Research Group.

Cognition in Context (CiC) Research Group

The group’s remit encompasses pure cognitive research on mental processes such as memory, thinking, language and attention. Additionally, the scope will incorporate research into the importance and role of such processes within applied or real-life contexts such as forensic and criminal settings, health and clinical work, and education. Research areas include:

  • Beliefs and cognition
  • Cognition in interviewing contexts
  • Cross-cultural cognition 
  • Cognitive biases in children

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Wolverhampton Applied Psychology Research Group (WARG)

WARG conducts high quality research using psychological principles in the following areas:

  • Developmental Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Organisational Psychology
  • Disability Studies

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