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Social and Community Psychology

About The Social and Community Psychology and Research Cluster (SOC):

The Social and Community Psychology and Research Cluster (SOC) conducts high quality research using psychological principles and theories underpinned by the belief that such research can, and should, be used to improve social and societal wellbeing. Justice, social action and political activity focussed research form a core part of the work SOC does.  Other related areas of research activity include intellectual and developmental disabilities, legal and forensic psychology and work in organisations and health, social care and therapeutic services. Members of SOC have produced high-quality research that has been published in various psychological and applied journals and have collaborated both nationally and internationally on research projects, producing easier read, lay and stakeholder reports and presenting and disseminating research findings locally, nationally and internationally.

Our Members:

The Social and Community Psychology and Research Cluster (SOC) is built up of academic staff from The Univeristy of Wolverhampton, Affiliate Members and PhD students. For more information on our members, please click the tabs below:

  • Dr. Tracey Platt – University of Sunderland
  • Nik Manktelow – Supporting the political engagement of people with a learning disability
  • Elizabeth Raye – Understanding resilience in adults with a learning disability