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Applied Cognition and Individual Differences

About The Applied Cognition and Individual Differences Cluster:

The mission of the Applied Cognition and Individual Differences research cluster is to, i) conduct world-class, psychological research in both pure cognition and applied/real-world contexts, ii) generate external income, iii) foster a supportive and collaborative research environment, and iv) advance the national and international reputation of psychology at the University of Wolverhampton. 

Based on the above mission statement, the aims of the Cognition and Individual Differences (CID) research cluster are:  

  1. To provide a forum for research which is inclusive, supportive and collaborative, which is open to all staff (both aspiring/early career as well as currently research active) and students.
  2. To support the research ambitions of staff and students by offering appropriate training and mentoring, thereby enhancing the quality of research outputs in line with the requirements of Research Excellence Framework 2021 (REF 2021).
  3. To provide a research environment which will support and encourage members’ career progression toward Reader and Professor.
  4. To build research capacity, output and external non-HEFCE income.
  5. To contribute towards (the University’s first) Psychology submission to REF 2021.
  6. To maximize the likelihood of funding success by offering pre-submission quality assurance review.
  7. To increase the number of Doctoral Students, and enhance the timeliness of Doctoral completions.
  8. To build a national and international reputation for conducting high-quality, psychological research.      

The remit of CID encompasses pure cognitive research and research within applied or real-life contexts such as forensic and criminal settings, health and clinical work, and education.

Our Members:

The Cognition and Individual Differences research cluster is built up of academic staff and PhD students from The University of Wolverhampton. For more information on our members, please click the tabs below: