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The Psychology Community Research Clinic


Welcome to PCRC, here is what we offer:

  • Therapies for anxiety, depression, low mood, public

    speaking anxiety and more. 

  • Single session consultations. 

  • Group Therapy  

  • Workshops on anxiety, public speaking, mood management,

    mindfulness and exam stress 

  • Research in Mental Health, Psychological therapies and human potential.
  • For further information, download our PCRC Information eLeaflet here.

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All about PCRC

Our Team:

  • Psychologists

  • Clinical research team in the Department of Psychology 
  • Garrett Kennedy CPsychol [Project Lead].  Chartered & HCPC Registered Psychologist, with over 10 years experience in psychotherapy and 9 in the training of new therapists. Garrett is Project Lead, conducts assessment sessions, research interviews, and supervises the work of all of the staff. 

  • Team members are in training to be Doctors of Counselling Psychology. They bring a lot of experiences in working with people, and also work in the NHS, schools and charities as therapists. 

If you need further information about what we offer or who we are, please contact us:

Via E-mail: