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The Institute of Psychology conducts and produces research which furthers theoretical and applied knowledge and understanding within the field of Psychology. Our work has had local, national and international impact and has informed teaching practice within the Institute.

Research Informing Theoretical Understanding

Theoretical research within the Institute often focuses on the causes and consequences of individual differences in cognitive performance. Findings from recent research by Dr Niall Galbraith has furthered our understanding of delusional beliefs. Emeritus Professor Ken Manktelow has contributed greatly to our understanding of decision making and how we think about dilemmas. Dr Tom Mercer is conducting cutting edge research into memory and forgetting. Such work helps to enhance our appreciation of basic human psychology. 

The Impact of Applying Psychology to Real World Issues 

Much of the research that we do has societal benefits and application. Dr Chris Fullwood and Dr Alison Attrill's research has enhanced understanding of online behaviour, particularly within social networking sites like Facebook. Dr Caroline Wesson and Ms Nicola Derrer-Rendall have contributed to the development and understanding in the area of academic confidence and academic performance in Higher Education. Their research investigating the student experience impacts on important and very topical issues in the HE sector such as managing expectations and student retention.

Dr Darren Chadwick has conducted collaborative research projects with people with learning disabilities, family carers and service providers. His work has supported service developments for people with intellectual disabilities and empowered carers and people with learning disabilities to advocate for themselves and for policy change. Dr Wendy Nicholls has recently developed a measure of unmet needs for children of parents with chronic illness, which will guide the interventions offered to these children, and help to identify those at risk of poor psychological outcomes. Dr Satvinder Purewal's work on oocyte (egg) donation has informed the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority policy (HFEA; UK's independent regulator of fertility treatment and research) through its Ethics and Law Advisory Committee. Other ongoing projects aim to have impact on educational practice, healthy eating and counselling psychology practice. 

Impact across the Faculty of Education, Health & Wellbeing

Research and enterprise in the Faculty of Education, Health & Wellbeing (FEHW) is having a large impact on policy and practice in a diverse range of subject areas. Find out more about FEHW Impact Highlights.

Have you used our research?

We are very interested in finding out more about who is downloading our research and how it is being used. If you have used any of our publications, papers or reports, whether in your studies, in practice or in any other way, we would like to hear from you. Please contact