Business School PhD - Training Support and Development

Management Research Centre (MRC) Student Training Days - We have scheduled a specific MRC-designed training session for research students on the day before or after each of the School Research Conferences. Sessions typically focus on a specific aspect of research, for example quantitative methods.

MRC/ Cluster Seminars - Our research clusters within the MRC organise research seminars on topics within their field on a regular basis. These seminars offer a forum to disseminate knowledge and research experiences and are useful events for students to attend. In addition the MRC centrally arranges seminars to which staff and students will be invited to attend.

School Research Conferences - School Research Conferences are held in September and January for research active staff and students to expound upon their areas of research and exchange research initiatives. Research students are welcome to make presentations during their period of study. Research students are also encouraged to disseminate final results of their research prior to submission.

University Research Training - Students are encouraged to participate in training provided by the Doctoral College not only because of their intrinsic value but also because they may facilitate meetings with post-graduates outside the school. Business is necessarily interdisciplinary and we would encourage students to treat the possibility of meeting other people doing PhD research in the University positively.

External Conference Attendance - The MRC is keen to support applications to attend external conferences, however, as you will appreciate there is only a limited budget available for this purpose. Applicants are advised to firstly identify whether external funding can be accessed before making application through their Research Cluster. Further advice can be provided to students by their supervisory team or from the MRC administrator.