Principal areas of research in the Business School

Research in the Management Research Centre is grouped in four multi-disciplinary research clusters - HRM and Industrial Relations, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development, Corporate Governance and Ethics, and International Business. Our PhD students are aligned with research in these clusters and benefit from working with leading scholars in these fields. We are therefore particularly interested in inviting enquiries and applications in the following areas:

HRM and Industrial Relations

  • Employment issues in the public sector-- including NHS, local government, civil service, fire and police
  • Pay, pay determination, and bonus schemes
  • Strikes and other forms of industrial action
  • Changes in workplace labour process around work intensification, skill mix, and labour management practices
  • A range of current HRM issues such as mentoring, the law and human rights at work, training and knowledge transfer, and performance management
  • State policy and the labour market

Entrepreneurship and Small Business

  • Small business management
  • Family Business
  • Rural entrepreneurship

Corporate Governance and Ethics

  • Behavioural perspectives on boards of directors
  • Governance and knowledge transfer

International Business

  • Context, determinants and consequences of Foreign Direct Investment
  • Globalisation and inequality