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International Business Research Cluster Staff

Cluster Members

Dr Mark Cook

Prof Mike Haynes

Dr Lucy Zheng

Fatawu  Bakare

Dr William Coffie

Dr Samia Mahmood

Dr Gurmak Singh

Dr Nikolaos Stylos

Dr Sammi Li

Honorary research fellows/Visiting Professors

Visiting Professor Paul Mason

David Law

Research students and their projects

Olubusola Akintoyosi Adelufosi

“The impact of inward FDI on Nigerian SMEs”

Peter Shoko Odunga

“The determinants of FDI in Africa, a comparison between Kenya and Tanzania”

Osagie Igbinigie

"Locational Determinants of UK's Regional R&D FDI – An Empirical Investigation Between UK’s Core and Non-Core Regions"

 Mayor Ari

"Measuring the effectiveness of tax policy and incentives on foreign direct investment (FDI): a case study of the Oil and Gas Sector in Nigeria"

Abinotam Adike

"Internal marketing's role in enhancing the entrepreneurial tendencies of leaders: A study of the Public Sector in Sub-Saharan Nigeria'

Keziah Ayuba

"The effects of small scale business enterprise on economic development and in the eradication of unemployment amongst Nigerian youth. A case study of Plateau State"

Eun Sun Godwin

"Emerging market Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the UK: Drivers, type value-chain impact, and the rural-urban split'