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Meet a student - Eun Sun Godwin

Hi, my name is Eun Sun Godwin, a PhD student at the University of Wolverhampton Business School and a member of the International Business Research Cluster.  I am from South Korea, where I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics at Yonsei University.  Before coming to study at Wolverhampton I graduated with an MSc in Globalisation and Development from the University of Manchester.   As can be imagined from my ethnic and academic background, my interests lie in emerging economies and their roles in international business.  Furthermore, to understand these topics more clearly, I am particularly interested in ‘institutional theory’, which has been the major theory underlying the theoretical framework during both my Masters and PhD research.

My current research is focused on ‘Emerging market FDI into the UK’, in terms of the determinants and impact of emerging market FDI into the UK and whether or how they differ from conventional investors’ from developed markets.  Since joining this programme in February 2012, I have been fully supported through the thorough feedback and help of my supervisory team of Drs Mark Cook and Wen Wang, as well as the quality training and resources the School provide.  Moreover, there have been additional opportunities including school research conferences and informal but in-depth talks and discussions with experienced academic staff through which I have been able to develop general research skills and broaden my perspectives.  In addition to this, the School’s highly efficient student support team have already made my research time in this university more productive and organised.