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International Business Research Cluster

The International Business Research Cluster focuses on international business activities, in particular globalisation, foreign direct investment (FDI), emerging economies, internationalisation such as those of market, entrepreneurship, labour, social and political change, international information systems and international marketing. The cluster is headed by Dr. Mark Cook, Dr Lucy Zheng and Professor Mike Haynes.


  • Fostering and developing international business research
  • The promotion of inter-disciplinary research within the field of international business
  • The promotion of research directed at improving the understanding of FDI in a global context


The cluster includes a number of research active staff and doctoral students and acts as a vehicle to promote the inter-change of ideas for researchers at different stages of their research career. The cluster is keen to promote an international research ethos through critical readership of research papers, the use of a structured external academic speaker programme, and the development of papers for quality journals. It encourages its members to be active in both attending and presenting at conferences.

Research Areas

  • Globalisation issues
  • Foreign direct investment
  • Economics and business in developing countries
  • International labour issues
  • Internationalisation in higher education
  • E-commerce in emerging markets
  • International marketing