Meet a Student - Feifei Feng

My name is Feifei Feng and I am a part-time PhD student at the University of Wolverhampton Business School. I joined the doctoral programme at Wolverhampton in 2010 after doing an MA degree in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management at Keele University in 2007. Before this I completed an undergraduate degree in English Language and Literature at Xi’an International Studies University in Xi’an, my hometown.

My current studies focus on Chinese public sector hospital nurses’ attitudes towards their work. There are many factors influencing nurses' attitudes towards their everyday work which ultimately affects the quality of patient care. This research intends to find out what Chinese public sector nurses feel about different aspects of their work, such as pay, and will examine the influence of the recent state-inspired health reforms in China. This research will also look at how nurses’ performance at work is monitored and managed and how they feel towards management, co-workers and patients.

In addition to my part time studies I work full time for the BBC World Service in London. This is made possible thanks to the support I receive from the highly respected staff at the University of Wolverhampton Business School. I am also extremely lucky to receive insightful guidance and endless, earnest help from my supervisor Professor Roger Seifert.