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WP 4: Longitudinal action research case studies of 2 firms and their boards

Research on boards using qualitative methods is still rare but has been shown to provide valuable and unique contextual and processual insights. Designed as an action research project, one UK and one Swedish SMEs will be researched over a 22 month period with the following tasks:

  • Task 4.1 Identification of the initially 10 firms following theoretical sampling criteria developed in WP1 and using partner and beneficiary networks.
  • Task 4.2. Initiation of collaborative research involving joint discussion of needs, addressing ethical concerns and collaborative finalizing of research design with 2 firms (to include observations, interviews, documentary data collections).
  • Task 4.3. Data collection, data analysis and writing of case material. As is common in qualitative action research, data collection and analysis is occurring synchronously to enable adjustments to the approach as needed. Data analysis will be based on content and discourse analytical techniques, using NVivo.

Whilst primarily addressing SO3, the insights from this WP also contribute the SO1-SO2.