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WP 3: Survey and analysis of SME boards in SWE, DK and UK

To study the inner workings of boards, their behavioural processes and strategic decision-making, it is necessary to go beyond compositional proxies and collect data close to the phenomenon. In this WP, observations from board members (chair, CEO, directors) will be collected through a cross-section survey in three countries. The precise concepts and measures will be confirmed in WP1 but it is envisaged to utilise the Value Creating Board (VCB) research instrument that was developed in Norway between 1989 and 2003 and has since been used in 5 different national studies.
The tasks of the WP3 are:

  • Task 3.1. Development of the survey instrument using the VCB and other constructs identified in WP1, and digitisation of survey using SurveyMonkey or Surveyor etc. 
  • Task 3.2. Compilation the mailing database using a) the secondary database from WP2 and b) additional mailing bases from the partners.
  • Task 3.3. Delivery of survey electronically and by mail (to increase response rate), follow-up telephone calls, and second wave.
  • Task 3.4. Data analysis using structural equation modelling (SEM) in AMOS to capture both direct and indirect effects. The standard steps in SEM will be followed including specification of the research model, testing individual constructs, assessing measurement and structural model validity.

Together, WP2 and WP directly address SO2.