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WP2: Compilation and analysis of large cross-country data set

In this WP we will compile a five-year data set on firm- level (size, financial and market performance, innovation data, ownership) and board level data (board members’ background, age, qualifications, gender, board networks) using secondary databases on SMEs, specifically Retriever and SCB Sweden (for Swedish SMEs) and Bureau van Dijk (BvD) ORBIS (for UK and Denmark). A threshold of 3 board members is used as a cut-off, and all firms included will correspond to the EU SME definition, since the dataset will also be used as the mailing base for a survey in WP3. The tasks in this WP are as follows:

  • Task 2.1. Setting up coding scheme for firm- and board level data informed by WP1 – this is to ensure all variables that can be accessible through secondary data are collated.
  • Task 2.2 Data collection from Retriever, SCB Sweden and BvD Orbis over a 5 year period to enable to capture of change within SMEs.
  • Task 2.3. Analysis of data regarding the aspects of value-creation and board composition and behavioural structures, taking into account macro-and micro-economic variances. The analysis will use econometric panel data analysis in Stata to cope with the longitudinal nature of the data and estimate fixed and/or random effects.