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WP1: Development of research framework

Developing a complete analysis of the state-of-the-art of the area for this research will give the fellow the theoretical framework for the project, and fine-tune the data collection processes such as variables and measures for the quantitative tasks (WP2&3). It will also require immersion in the inter-disciplinary areas of the project. This WP includes a few tasks:

  • Task 1.1 definition(s) of value creation by boards of directors in SMEs. This is a pillar in the research in order to be concrete on what value-creation we refer to in SME boards and governance.
  • Task 1.2 incorporating SDL in the theoretical framework by combining the extant research on marketing and governance. This emerging perspective will be a novel way of approaching the board work in SMEs. Both tasks address SO1 by providing a strong and novel theoretical framework.