Meet a student

Abinotam Joshua Adike, PhD Student

Abinotam Joshua AdikeI started my PhD study in February 2014. My research supervisors are Dr Paschal Anosike and Dr Yong Wang.

‌My research

My research topic is 'Critical Factors Influencing Informal Entrepreneurial Engagement in Sub-Saharan Nigeria: An Empirical Analysis'. I chose this topic because of the relevance and contemporary nature of the concept of informal sector in developing countries, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa,

My research would be of immense value as its findings are expected to inform policy initiatives and outcomes as they relate to managing small businesses, especially those operating informally in Sub-Sahara Africa, and in particular, Nigeria. 

The most exciting part of my research is in how it provides ‘voice’ for small business operators who feel a sense of being excluded from participating in economic opportunities to express themselves. The moments of interaction with the study participants – both in the field and while working on the data are fulfilling.

About me

I have an MBA in Marketing and a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Studies. I also have over ten years of experience in teaching and examining students at the university level.

My research skills have progressively increased, especially since after the commencement of my PhD programme. I am developing expertise in small business and entrepreneurship research. 

Once I have completed my PhD I plan to continue in academia (teaching and researching).

Why choose Wolverhampton?

My experience with the first academic that I contacted in the University of Wolverhampton Business School was so profound that it made further search of universities unnecessary.

The support from my supervisory team, the Management Research Centre, Centre for African Entrepreneurship and Leadership, the Business School, and the Doctoral College is all-encompassing and designed to meet my academic needs. My research skills have been greatly enhanced and this has positively impacted on my attitude and level of confidence.

Bruce Mwiya, PhD Student

Hello, I am Bruce Mwiya, a Commonwealth Scholar and PhD student sponsored by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (UK), undertaking research studies at the University Of Wolverhampton Business School’s Management Research Centre (MRC).

My research is entitled 'Effects of Institutional Factors and Entrepreneurship Education on Entrepreneurial Intentions of University Graduates: A Comparison of UK and Zambia'. The outcomes of the study may provide contextual evidence to scholars, educators and policymakers on factors influencing graduate entrepreneurship in both developing and developed countries, an area of research receiving global attention. 

I am on study leave as a business lecturer from the Copperbelt University in Zambia and I hold Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Intellectual Property (MIP) degrees. Since joining the MRC in October 2011, I have received guidance from an experienced supervisory team, comprising Dr Yong Wang as Director of Studies and two second supervisors. I am receiving rich research training, through working with professional researchers dedicated to research. In addition, the Institute for Learning Enhancement (ILE) at Wolverhampton also delivers university-wide research skills development sessions where students interact and learn from researchers in other disciplines.

I would recommend the MRC, a vibrant research centre with strong regional and industry links and national and international reputation for research excellence.