Corporate Governance and Ethics Cluster Staff

Cluster members

Professor Claire Hannibal
Supply chain management, sustainability, process improvement.

Professor Silke Machold
Board task performance, board leadership, consequences of board diversity, comparative governance.

Professor Sibel Yamak
Corporate Social Responsibility, business elites and top management teams, state-business relations.

Dr Lee Crofts
Feminism and power differentials, identity, plagiarism.

Dr Stuart Farquhar
Behavioural aspects of boards, board effectiveness, governance in sports

William Scarff
Ethics, corporate social responsibility,  aesthetics in the workplace,  leadership and  personal skills development.

Dr Paschal Anosike
Ethical leadership, governance and employee stakeholders

Dr Wen Wang
Comparative labour markets, pay and satisfaction with pay

Mark Price
Social and environmental reporting

Dr Emily Jervis
Sustainable business operations, supply chain based sustainability solutions, low carbon innovation

Dr Anna Korzhenitskaya
Impact of credit ratings on corporate leverage, credit market conditions and access to finance, determinants of debt structure, why firms issue bonds, debt structure in Europe

Tourism Management

Dr Ade Oriade

Dr Roya Rahimi

Visiting Research Fellows

Dr Daniel Yar Hamidi

Research students and their projects

Aderemi Ojebode
"Dynamic Capabilities of Boards of Directors"

Ahmed Alasmri
Exploration of Business Ethics and CSR in the Saudi Arabian Context: Islamic Fimanace as an Ethical Alternative?

Amaraahukwu Ukachukwu
Managing Gender Diversity in Nigerian Hospitality (How Religion and Culture affect Gender Management in Nigerian Hotels)

Chigozie Ugwoji
Strengthening Corporate Governance with New media for Widened Employee Voice: The Case for Nigeria

Mathias Akor
Corporate Governance in SMEs in the Nigerian Financial sector: Analysis of Barriers to Implementation