School Pedagogy and Professional Learning Research Cluster

This cluster is focussed on pedagogic research and associated critical research into learning, teaching, curriculum and policy. In the video below you can see some of the cluster members speaking about their areas of research.

Recent projects

Escalate project (McGregor, Dunne, Rickhuss & Taylor): Researching beginning science, maths and English teachers' pedagogies. Applying learning theory to inform enriched planning and practice.

Overview: How do beginning science, maths and English trainees conceptualise their pedagogy? Applying learning theory lenses to analyze planning intentions and actual practice. The project explores contrasting ways novice teachers understand teaching and organize for learning in their particular subject discipline. Findings will inform and enrich future teaching and teacher preparation.

Developing Reflective Practice : A guide for Beginning Teachers : To be published by Open University Press.

The Reflective Practice Book (edited by Deb McGregor & Lesley Cartwright) includes chapter contributors from several cluster members including Julie Barron, Dr Linda Devlin, Mary Dunne, Dr Mahmoud Emira, Dr Angela Gault, Dot Heslop, Fay Glendenning, Gerald Griggs, Paul Gurton, Lesley Mycroft; Lorraine Thomas, Sarah Powell. View full details about the book.

The Media Teacher's Book 2nd edition (Hodder, 2010)

McDougall J & Potamitis N - View full details (opens in new window).

After the Media: Culture and Identity in the 21st Century (Routledge, 2011)

Bennett P, Kendall A & McDougall, J - View full details (opens in new window).

Manifesto for Media Education Symposium Podcasts

The Manifesto for Media Education Symposium was held on the 10th June 2011 at the Royal Institute of British Architects - view full details and podcasts (opens in new window).

Meet the cluster team

Cluster Coordinator: Dr Linda Devlin

Core members: Balbir Ahir; Ben Andrews; Karl Brennan;  Diane Cochrane; David Cooper; Nicola Copitch; Sue Davies; Mary Dunne; Fay Glendenning; Bill Green; Paul Gurton; Robert Heath; Dot Heslop; Andy Hutchinson; Clair Jenkins; Greg Jones; Carol Marshall; Rachel Morgan-Guthrie; Rebecca Palmer; Sarah Powell; Gavin Rhoades; Mike Rickhuss; Rob Rolfe; Marc Smale; Matt Smith; Sean Starr; Diane Swift; Peter Taylor.

Associate members (whose main cluster is not School Pedagogy and Professional Learning): Andy Cramp; Julie Hughes.

PhD/EdD Members: Simon Hughes; Jackie Laverty; Christian Wilke-Zhang; Peter Westman; Pritpal Sembi.

Member research interests

Balbir Ahir
Research interests: Technology supported learning and assessment; knowledge versus pedagogy; mathematical subject knowledge required for primary school teachers.

Karl Brennan
Research interests: Whether schools are meeting the specified needs in empowering young people (Yr 7 and Yr 8) to achieve the appropriate health/fitness levels.

Dr David Cooper
Research interests:
Pre-Initial Teacher Education Subject Knowledge Enhancement courses, with particular reference to Mathematics Subject Knowledge Enhancement.

Nicola Copitch
Research interests: Secondary education and targeting reading.

Dr Andy Cramp
Research interests: Learning outside the classroom; informal learning; emotion and learning; learning and work.

Mary Dunne
Research interests: Comparative study of the graduate teacher programme (GTP) route and the post-graduate certificate (PGCE) route.

Fay Glendenning
Research interests:
Developing the subject knowledge of initial teacher trainees in secondary mathematics; the reasons for choosing secondary mathematics teaching; using the electronic portfolio to document evidence of progress.

Bill Green
Research interests:
The relationship between science teachers’ practice and their confidence when teaching aspects outside their own specialist area; presenting controversial or sensitive aspects of science to pupils.

Paul Gurton
Research interests:
Comparative pedagogy, focusing on the bilateral exchange of trainee primary language teachers.

Robert Heath
Research interests:
The role of technology to enhance learning in schools, in particular handheld devices, videoconferencing equipment and the Interactive Whiteboard; the use of the ePortfolio to enrich the learning experience and also to enable record keeping; the impact of learning in the outdoor environment.

Dot Heslop
Research interests:
Developing Thinking within the PE National Curriculum; the impact of high quality training on the development of teaching and learning Gymnastics and Trampolining; the benefit of ICT in teaching and learning in Physical Education; the Every Child Matters Agenda.

Julie Hughes
Research interests:
The role of web 2.0 technologies, such as e-portfolios and blogs, and their attendant dialogic pedagogies.

Clair Jenkins
Research interests:
How peer coaching can support trainee teachers with regard to developing pedagogy and practice; the use of ICT to support the teaching of English in the primary school.

Sarah Powell
Research interests:
 Using e-portfolio as a tool for on-line forms to develop reflective interaction and thinking.

Gavin Rhoades
Research interests:
Specific teacher behaviours and their perceived effectiveness; the identification of traits in new trainees and their subsequent performance.

Mike Rickhuss
Research interests:
How secondary school mathematics pedagogy can be enhanced through a focus on task design and differentiation.

Rob Rolfe
Research interests:
The subject knowledge of serving mathematics teachers as well as that of trainees; the advantages of disadvantages of paired trainees in school placements.

Karl Royle
Research interests:
 Leading curricular change through digital approaches to learning (with particular reference to computer games and learning); literacy skills; digital game based learning environments.

Marc Smale
Research interests:
Innovative use of technology to support teaching and learning.

Matt Smith
Research interests:
Personalisation of the Learning Journey.

Sean Starr
Research interests:
STEM; School improvement; Leadership and management.

Peter Taylor
Research interests:
Science teacher education; subject knowledge development of trainee teachers; pupils understanding of physical science concepts; children’s learning of science (and their alternative conceptions); accelerated learning programmes; applied science courses and the use of ICT in teaching science.