Higher Education Research Cluster

This cluster supports and develops research activities into higher education studies. Cluster members have published widely in the field of higher education research and disseminated their research findings through international conference presentation and a range of publications, such as books, journal articles, book chapters, and reports.

The key research themes are the following:

  • Cultures and practices of academic staff
  • Enhancing learning and teaching in higher education
  • Internationlisation and international students
  • Postgraduate education
  • Student transition
  • Widening participation

Meet the Cluster Team

Cluster coordinator: Dr Ming Cheng

Core members: Dr Brendan Bartram; Mr Jon Bentley; Dr Andy Cramp; Mr Tim Cawley; Dr Pauline Fuller; Professor Christine Hockings; professor Nazira Karodia; Mr Carl Longmore; Dr Sarah Sherwin; Dr David Thompson; marion West; Ms Julie Wilde; Dr Jenny Worsely

Research interests

Dr Brendan Bartram

Research interests: International students; staff and student mobility in higher education; access to higher education; and emotion in learning

Jon Bentley

Research interests: Jon is a EdD student and he is interested instudent transition to university; academic emotion; curriculum development

Tim A Cawley

Research interests: widening participation in higher education

Dr Andy Cramp

Research interests: Learning outside the classroom; informal learning; emotion and learning; learning and work.

Dr Pauline Fuller

Research interests:  The use of Turnitin

Professor Christine Hockings

Research interests: Chris is a Professor at the College of Learning and Teaching

Professor Nazira Karodia

Research interests: Nazira is the interim Head of Faculty of Science and Engineering

Mr Carl Longmore

Research interests: international teaching placement; student mobility

Dr Sarah Sherwin

Research interests: Acting Principal Lecturer /Head of Community Practice

Dr David Thompson

Research interests: Access; inclusion; widening participation.

Ms Marion West

Research interests: Senior Lecturer in Linguistics, Faculty of Art

Ms Julie Wilde

Research interests: Exploring and understanding the self-as-teacher

Dr Jenny Worsley

Research interests: transition to university; part time students; and vocational learners in higher education

Cluster activities

1. Tips for successful publication (PDF)

2. Forthcoming speed dating event for research collaboration