Digital Learning Research Cluster

Digital learning on trainCluster coordinator: Professor John Traxler

This cluster focusses on digital learning, interpreted broadly to include e-learning, mobile learning, distance learning and blended learning, both popular learning and institutional leaning, formal and informal. The cluster builds on a very wide range of research and consultancy activities and now aims to:

  • Focus, consolidate and rationalise research and consultancy income
  • Raise the national and international reputation, visibility and impact of the Faculty and the University in digital learning
  • Support a core of interested practitioners, lecturers and researchers across the Faculty to grow output, and contribute significantly to the next research assessment exercise
  • Inform research-informed teaching within the Faculty and across the University
  • Develop and contribute to relevant modules and courses within the Faculty

This area of research is crucial for teaching and learning since digital technologies are now ubiquitous and pervasive in their different ways in different societies, communities and cultures around the world, not only supporting, extending and enhancing learning and teaching but fundamentally changing the nature of what we know, what we need to know and the ways in which we come to know it. In this sense, research in digital learning is not optional but absolutely necessary for informing teaching and learning at every level. It is however also imperative for researchers in digital learning to collaborate with researchers in other disciplines to support the transformation of the delivery of their research into engaging, accessible and authentic educational experiences.