Who we are and what we do

The Institute of Education has a wealth of research expertise across numerous aspects of education.  We are able to demonstrate well-respected expertise and experience; providing informed objective analysis on key educational topics.  The IOE brings together clusters of staff providing research, continuing professional development programmes, curriculum development and partnership work locally, nationally and internationally.   

Who we are

Our research activity is firmly rooted in improving practice with staff working within settings and engaging in all aspects of project management, research design, data collection and analysis.   

Through our work we aim to:

  • Seek opportunities to engage in research and development work to enhance opportunities and the quality of provision for learning;
  • Make research accessible and meaningful to all those involved in education;
  • Nurture activities to bring together local, national and international partnerships and networks of researchers and practitioners to support the development of the education system in the West Midlands and the wider communities of the University.

What we do

Our staff have earned a successful reputation within a variety of different contexts. There is ongoing focus across the following themes: