Natalie Quinn-Walker

PhD Topic: Understanding whether male domestic abuse victim’s voices are believed and efficiently supported when disclosing to their families and friends

PhD Description

 Outline of the research is focusing on the family structures and understanding the limitations male victims face when disclosing. Victims are likely to disclose their abuse to someone they trust such as a family member or/and friend. Therefore, reviewing whether how the family member reacts to the disclosure is important as understanding whether this has a negative impact on the victim could result in them becoming further withdrawn from society or a positive reaction which supports them to seek professional support. Demonstrating the approach of disclosure and the aftermath will provide further insight into the barriers male victims have.

The objective of the research would be to review male victim’s experiences when disclosing and understand whether family community’s outcast victims or discourage victims to speak out. A qualitative approach will be fostered, to answer the research question, as it focuses upon their experiences, thoughts and feelings.

Interest in the area:

I am interested in exploring a fascinating topic; domestic abuse which is nationally hidden within families. I am interested in exploring the impact of domestic violence has on public health, with exploring the underpinned theories: feminist, biological, sociological, and psychological in future research.

Domestic abuse is gripping the nation, due to the devastating public health concerns affected by not only the victims but their families too, causing a rippling effect. The stigma of domestic abuse for male victims can only be tackled with further research, empowering victims to come forward, and educating the nation to ensure when a victim does disclose, it is not dismissed. My interest into this topic peaked following the completion of Violent Societies – Violent Lives: Identifying the Public Health response and Research Methods modules whilst studying at the University of Wolverhampton, where I focused upon male domestic abuse victims.


BSc (Hons) Health Studies

Master’s in Public Health


The Royal Society of Public Health - Fellow

 Experiences: I have conducted previous research on male domestic abuse victims and their experiences when seeking medical attention. The project focused on whether healthcare professional had adequate knowledge and experience to support victims. Male victims were completed questionnaires discussing their positive and negative experiences.  Previously worked as a research assistant for the University of Wolverhampton reviewing prisoners engagement in a drama production led by Past Time and developed an evaluation – the culture of achievement to see whether the involvement in the production has improved their relations within the prison and their coping strategies. 

I am an eager learner and taken many opportunities to complete training sessions across a wide range of health and social care topics to broaden my knowledge. These have included completion of Assessor Training for Public Health England, Public Health Commissioning and completed an Assistant Practitioner course in Sexual Health.

My work experience has varied with prior roles including specialising in Sexual Health for the LGBTQ and MSM focusing on investigating, monitoring and responding to HIV and sexual health needs of the community. Another previous role I have worked as a crisis worker, offering advice and support for individuals who have suffered sexual assaults. Non-judgemental support and sensitivity were displayed at the centre and on the telephone to clients.

Previously I worked as a visiting lecturer at multiple University's across the country with a blended learning approach to ensure students are provided with a provision of proactive online support between classes. I lead on discussions with students on relatable news topics in association with their modules, to enhance their learning experience. Monitoring students understanding, progress through class observations and formative tasks regularly to ensuring they remain motivated and on track with the providing of encouraging constructive feedback to assist in future progression.

Previously I have carried out research using both quantitative and qualitative research on prisoners (who had previously history of self-harm) coping strategies for their current environment. This project included interviewing participants following the culture of achievement approach to see whether there were any improvements with their coping skills and relations following the development of a drama project together. This role provided me with the opportunity to develop questionnaires and use a coping inventory list with the participants to develop a holistically understanding of their feeling and coping skills. This was presented in SPSS format and common themes were analysed. The research project was presented at the Tate Modern in London – Warwick Tate Exchange ‘The Production of Trust, Justice and History’ in July 2018

I am currently a research assistant at the University of Northampton focusing on identifying themes and mapping quantitative data on education, social, economic, geographic and demographic issues in Northampton Town Wards. I am currently working on establishing themes and associations derived from data collection from Ofsted reports reviewing the effectiveness and individual schools grading. As well as a full-time health and social care lecturer at Arden University.

Future Plans:

My goal is to gain in-depth knowledge of male victims and be able to support healthcare professionals to develop a better understanding that domestic abuse is gender neutral. My hope is my research will assist in the tackle of stigmatisation of domestic abuse and I intend on focusing further research into male domestic abuse. In terms of academic career, I see myself lecturing in Public Health in the future, sharing knowledge with the next generation of healthcare professionals and assisting in shaping their knowledge of domestic abuse and public health issues. Whilst completing my PhD I am keen on completing a teaching qualification to enhance my teaching experience.

 ICRD Supervisors:

Professor Laura Caulfield, Doctor Pauline Anderson & Doctor Elaine Arnull