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About Us

The Institute for Community Research and Development (ICRD) works with and in our local communities to deliver effective community-based transformational projects, drives policy developments, and promote social mobility. Drawing on a history of collaborative research across our faculties of Social Science, and Health, Education, and Well-being, ICRD uses interdisciplinary expertise to affect positive change in local communities, increase knowledge, and shape local and national policy. ICRD undertakes pioneering community development studies that improve the life chance of individuals in the region, and works with our partnership networks to champion for change.

How we work:

• Increasing capacity and opportunity in the community through the coproduction of knowledge

• Problem solving together and bridging the gap between knowledge and action

• Making the most of interdisciplinary expertise: applied research, methodological innovation, influencing policy and practice

• Supporting researcher, practitioner, and student development


Some of our recent partnerships