Engineering & Computer Science 2

Engineering and Computer Science Research Centre

The purpose of this centre is to research aspects of Engineering and Computer Science pertaining to their application to the development of innovative technologies through application of aspects of material science, engineering, games technology and computer science to the realisation of tangible and virtual systems or system parts.

Contexts will be concept valuation, design, visualisation, simulation, interaction, scenario consideration, realisation, control/cybermetrics, evaluation or application, as well other leading edge applications, as they emerge.


Engineering Research Group

Engineering Research GroupLed by: Professor Kevin Kibble

The activities of the group encompass:

  • Materials engineering: Optimising material:s, maraging steels manufactured by direct metal laser sintering and thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) containing fire retardants
  • Rapid Manufacturing: high pressure zinc casting, lead time reduction for the manufacture of zinc die castings,.
  • Simulation: finite element simulation of residual stresses and shrinkage in rapid manufactured parts.
  • Biomechanics: dynamic simulation of total knee replacement, numerical analysis of femur resurfacing component, measurement of three-dimensional back shape
  • Metal Forming: simulating the UltraSTEELTM surface dimpling process, surface finish on brake drums