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  • Tuckett, A. (May 2017) ‘Festival of learning is needed now as much as ever’ Learning and Work Institute, commissioned blog
  • Layer, G. and Tuckett, A. (2019) From the 1919 report to learning regions: networks of providers offering adult learning opportunities’, in Holford, J. (ed) Adult education 100: Reflections and reconstructions, Conference proceedings 2019, SCUTREA/University of Nottingham, pp 75-82
  • Tuckett, A. (July 2018) Adult education and the pursuit of cultural democracy: the work of W.E.Williams’ ESREA conference on adult education biographies, conference keynote, Paris
  • Tuckett, A. (November 2018) ‘Making the case for adult Learning: PIAAC and policy change, OECD PIAAC 5th Conference, conference keynote, Bratislava 

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