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Events at the Education Observatory

We hold regular events, workshops and conferences. Please see the details for each event and enquire if you would like to attend.

Book Seminar - Childhood wellbeing and resilience: influences on education

When: Monday 30th November
Where: Zoom
Booking: Eventbrite

Does children’s wellbeing concern you?  Do want to find out more about why resilience has become such a buzzword in education?

If so, why not come to the Education Observatory’s online seminar on Monday 30th November?  It celebrates the publication of a new book from Routledge: Childhood wellbeing and resilience: influences on educational outcomes, edited by Zeta Williams-Brown, Z. and Sarah Mander.

The seminar includes presentations from and discussions with contributors to the book. Details of the programme can be found on this link but if you have any questions about the event please contact


Literacy at the Crossroads?

When: Wednesday 9th December 
Where: MS Teams
Booking: Eventbrite

This event, structured as an open conversation, explores three perspectives on literacy, drawn from the textual world, the digital world and the developing world. Three provocative thinkers, Sir Alan Tuckett, Helen Beetham and John Traxler, discuss how their perspectives intersect and enrich each other. Participants are invited to help develop a layered and nuanced account of literacy at the crossroads of the 21st century.





Education Seminar - Thinking hauntologically about education, education research and the Education Observatory

When: Friday 4th December 2020
Where: MS Teams
No booking necessary!

Delivered by the Observatory founder and Director, Professor Michael Jopling, this seminar uses the notion of hauntology to explore some key issues in education and education research, such as progress, culture and context, and to offer an overview of the research we do in the Education Observatory in schools and other areas of education.




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