Study day - 'Aspects of the history of the First World War'

The inaugural day school of the First World War research group was held on Saturday 16 November 2013 and focused on the theme: 'Aspects of the History of the First World War'.

The following talks were given on the day:


Professor Gary Sheffield - University of Wolverhampton

'Not Sleepwalking: The Origins of the First World War Revisited'

Professor Stephen Badsey - University of Wolverhampton

'Outlasting the Enemy: Home Fronts and Fighting Fronts 1914-18'

Professor John Buckley - University of Wolverhampton

'A 1917-18? Defence Trade and Power Air Menace: U-boat the Defeating'

Dr Spencer Jones - University of Wolverhampton

'The artillery must willingly sacrifice itself": Royal Artillery Tactics 1902-1914'