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Coal and Community

Be Part of the Project

Miners colourFor this project we want to work with people from mining communities to ensure their history gets recorded and remembered. 

We are looking at 8 pits as case studies:  Bickershaw Colliery (Lancashire), Easington Colliery (Durham), Prince of Wales Colliery (Yorkshire), Annesley-Bentinck Colliery (Nottinghamshire), Markham Colliery (Derbyshire), Barony Colliery (Ayrshire), Tower Colliery (Cynon Valley), and Point of Ayr Colliery (Flintshire). We are interested in talking to people who worked for the NCB at each of those mines, whatever their roles.  We want to collect stories about what it was like to be an underground miner and also to hear from people who worked in other roles, such as surface workers, canteen staff and cleaners. We'd like to hear from family members of miners, particularly miners wives, and from people who were part of the wider community aroudn the mines: people who worked in the Miners' Welfare or ran a shop.

There are three ways people can be involved: complete an oral history, share objects and documents with us, and tell other people about this project. 

If you want to know more about what undertaking an oral history would involve you can read the information sheet.

Coal Queen imageWe are interested in any documents and objects that tell us about life in mining communities.  You may have diaries or letters that talk about your personal experiences, or leaflets or newsletters that were produced by the union or the miners’ welfare or another group in the coalfield. You might also have objects that you have saved.

We would appreciate being able to look at any documents or objects that you are willing to share. We can bring a scanner when you meet, so if you are willing for us to take a copy we can do that.

We can also talk about making sure your material is saved so people in the future can know about coal mining communities, if that is something you are interested in.‌