2014 CHORD Conference Programme

Retail Work: Historical Perspectives - 11 September  2014

University of Wolverhampton

Date11 September 2014


Registration and Welcome

Session 1

Selling Drapery

Chair: tbc


Deborah Wynne, University of Chester, ‘Representing the Draper: From Kipps, to the Flying Draper, to The Paradise’

Serena Dyer, University of Warwick, ‘Mr Calico and Mrs Pincushion: Man-Milliners and Gendered Retail Work in England, 1770-1830’

Angela Loxham, Lancaster University, ‘Cleric or Conman, Curate or Crook? Understanding the Victorian Draper’

11.00-11.30 Coffee break
Session 2 Retailing: class, gender and race

Chair: tbc


Robin Price, Queensland University of Technology, ‘Racing slowly to the bottom: Wage fixation in Australia’s Retail Industry’

Katrina Maitland-Brown, University of Wolverhampton, ‘Synthesised Roles: Women’s Identity in Business

Traci L. Parker, University of Chicago, ‘Race, Class, and American Department Stores’

Session 3 Business practices, cultures and aesthetics

Chair: tbc


Oliver Heal, independent researcher, ‘Heal’s – Distinguished Retailing 1900-1940’

Sabine Chaouche, University of Oxford, ‘Attracting “Freshers”: Business Practices and Strategies in Nineteenth-century Oxford’

Unfortunately Anca I. Lasc, from the Pratt Institute, is unable to give her presentation  ‘Exporting New York: Abraham & Straus, Commercial Patrons for an “Empire Aesthetic” ‘.  However, Dr Ian Mitchell, University of Wolverhampton, will present 'Ethical Shopping in Late Victorian and Edwardian Britain: How Consumer Power was used to improve Conditions in the Workplace'

(The organisers apologise for the late change in the programme and regret that Anca Lasc is unable to attend the conference).



13.00-14.00 Lunch
Session 4 Marketing and Salesmanship

Chair: tbc


Rachael Richardson, Sheffield Hallam University, ‘Consumption and Communication: The Marketing Ingenuity of Mail Order Entrepreneur, J. G. Graves’

Hannah Scally, University of Cambridge: ' “Imagination in the Service of Business”: Commercial Education and Expertise, 1880-1910’

Heidi Egginton, University of Cambridge ‘“The Old and the Beautiful”: The Role of the Provincial Antique Dealer in the Marketing of Second-Hand Collectables, c. 1900-1939

Session 5 Retailer and Customers

Chair: tbc


David Shaw, University for the Creative Arts, ‘Retail Information Technology Turns from Friend to Foe’

Martin Purvis, University of Leeds, ‘Learning to Manage: Working Practices in Interwar Multiple Retailing’

Belle Stennett, Birkbeck, University of London, ‘The Staging of a Business Conversation. The Trade Cards of William Hogarth in the Eighteenth Century’

15.30-16.00 Coffee
Session 6 Shopgirls

Chair: tbc


Fan Carter, Kingston University, ‘Shop Girls: Fashionable Femininities and Retail Work in 1960s Britain’

Pamela Cox, University of Essex, ‘Shopgirls, Disgust And Desire’