Dr Ruoling Chen

Academic CV - Ruoling Chen (PDF 114K, Downloads file)

Qualifications: MBChB, MSc (Med Stats), PhD (Epid), Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine

Role: Leader of Epidemiology and Global Health

Ruoling Chen obtained his PhD at the University of Aberdeen in 1997, after studying medicine (MB) and a 3-year full-time postgraduate course for medical statistics (MSc) in China. In 2009 he joined the University of Wolverhampton as a Reader, focusing on mental health research and teaching epidemiology. As a principal investigator, Dr Chen has led and conducted a number of national and international research projects in epidemiology and public health, supported by UK grants (e.g, the Royal Society, Alzheimer’s Research).  During 2011-2014 he was working at King’s College London to develop a module course of Global Public Health to postgraduate students and taught undergraduate medical students on epidemiological methodology and medical statistics. Back to Wolverhampton, Dr Chen continues his public health research and teaches different levels of students on epidemiology, global health and meta-analysis. He previously worked at the Universities of Liverpool, Dundee and London as a lecturer and senior lecturer in medical statistics and epidemiology. He is an honorary senior lecturer at University College London and an adjunct professor in Anhui Medical University, China.  

Dr Chen is an international expert on epidemiology and public health. He has established a large-scale population-based study of dementia and other chronic diseases in older people in 6 provinces in China. His research interests include Aging and Chronic Diseases, Social Medicine and Clinical Epidemiology. Dr Chen has national and international research collaborations, including from University College London and The Australian National University (Prof Kaarin Anesty). He has had a wide network linked with medical universities in China, helping the University of Wolverhampton for further collaborative research and teaching programmes (http://bit.ly/1ZKim65).  

Currently, Dr Chen leads a research group in epidemiology and global health. The group consists of post-doctoral and senior researchers, and provides several places for future PhD candidates to work on important topics in epidemiology and public health. It also provides expertise and advice for staff on health data analyses, clinical epidemiology and population-based health research.

On-going PhD Research Projects 

PhD student

Study Topic


Aishae Bakre

Dietary Intakes and Dementia Risk and Outcomes

Ruoling Chen,

Angela Clifford

Isaac M Danat

Epidemiology of Overweight and Obesity in Older People

Ruoling Chen, Linda Lang

Major Research Grant (PI)

Risk factors, health care and outcomes of dementia in people who are socio-economically deprived but at high level of social support and low level of depression. Funded by the BUPA Foundation, UK (£254,000) (2008-2013)

External Academic and Research Activities

  • Associate Editor, BMC Public Health (2011-)
  • Editorial Board, The Psychiatric Bulletin (2014-)
  • Editorial Board, World Journal of Psychiatry (2011-) 

Peer Reviewing

Scientific journals, eg,  New England Medical Journal, Lancet, British Medical Journal, Int J Epidemiol, Am J Epidemiol, Br J Psychiatry, J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry, Stroke.

Grant awarding bodies, eg, National Institute for Health Research, England (Programme Grant and RfPB Grant), UK MRC Joint Health Systems Research Initiative, European Commission Horizon 2020 (Heath and Ageing. Unit E.4).  

Selected Publications

  1. Pang YS, Song T, Chen R (correspondent), Li H, Zhao XQ, et al. Socioeconomic deprivation and mortality in people after ischemic stroke: the China National Stroke Registry. Int J Stroke 2016;11 (in press)
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 Book and Chapters

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