Research Enabling Service

Our Mission Statement

The Research Enabling Service-users & University Learning Together (RESULT) Group endeavours to promote the interests of ordinary people in the involvement of research throughout the West Midlands. 

The Group's Objectives will be to:

  • Facilitate opportunities for lay members to actively participate in research;
  • Provide lay members with training, induction, ongoing support and access to information in order to enable them to conduct their role effectively;
  • To seek out and obtain financial support for lay members in order to reimburse people for the following items:
  1. Travel expenses for attending meetings, peer support, research activity and training;
  2. Administrative support e.g. photocopying, postage.

Terms of Reference

  • To positively promote the aims and objectives of the group, this is to facilitate the lay public’s voice in research and its activities;
  • Provide a regular forum whereby the group’s ideas, views and opinions are raised and actions are identified, implemented and evaluated;
  • To develop links with other local, regional and national patient and carer research groups;
  • To gather the views of patients and carers in research and to advise the group of any related issues;
  • To act as an advisory group for the development of research within the West Midlands;
  • To promote the needs, wishes and interests of patients and carers who may be disadvantaged by the way research is undertaken;
  • Provide a culture in which lay members are able to act as an objective representative of other patients and carers not able to be involved in research design.

Dr  Hilary Paniagua, Chair