David Orme

My Background

Wolverhampton born and bred, educated at Wolverhampton Grammar School; I married and moved to Kingswinford 45 years ago.

I am a retired Accountant and Company Director who took early retirement on health grounds 11 years ago.

My ‘Spare time Activities’

I am highly involved in the Church of England as a Server, Chorister & Authorised Lay Minister.

I am a very active Freemason and am involved with several Masonic Orders.

How I became involved with Dudley LINk

I retired early from active employment having had a stress related breakdown.

Since when I have suffered from Prostate Issues, Hiatus Hernia, Mild form of M.E., Dental Problems, Podiatric Issues, Anaemia and the ultimate being Heart By-pass Surgery: after which I died twice, was resuscitated, and a week after the first operation I was returned to Theatre, frozen + ‘killed off’, had a Tracheotomy and was then restarted/reborn.

As a result of recovering from these many health problems, I wanted to put something back into health related matters as a thank you to the Health Service; so I joined the Healthcare Forum for Dudley PCT, and several other voluntary organisations, culminating in my joining the LINk Steering Committee in September 2008.

My Involvement

I was elected Chairman of the Dudley LINk on 30 March 2009, and as such, I intend to encourage others to join and assist in making our voice heard right at the top.

I had become involved with the CQC in the setting up of Healthwatch.

With the ending of LINk and the advent of Healthwatch in April 2013, I decided to become more involved with Medical Research. 

Through the old Black Country Cardiovascular Network, I had been introduced to the Univesity of Wolverhampton and the setting up of the RESULT group, at the same time becoming involved with SUCCESS (Service User Group).

I am now with NIHR Clinical Research Network (West Midlands) lay representative group.