Meeting schedule 2015

Tuesday 3 February at 10.30am

Friday 17 April at 10.30am

Friday 12 June at 10.30am

Tuesday 4 August at 10.30am

Tuesday 6 October at 10.30am

Tuesday 15 December at 10.30am


Meetings take place in the Chaplaincy at City Campus, University of Wolverhampton.

New members are always welcome!

3 February 2015 - The RESULT group held a meeting today and, besides undertaking its routine general business, the group had the opportunity to provide feedback on a piece of PhD student research which was presented to them. The research is being undertaken by Ms Opeyemi Odejimi who is investigating the impact of service user engagement in education on the attitudes of health students. Individual members provided a range of different perspectives on their reflections on how and in what way they felt that service user involvement influenced student education.Alongside this, feedback was also given on the interview questions adopted, and suggestions were given on further avenues of thought and data collection. This is the first time the group has been introduced to this particular study which has already started; it is hoped that Opeyemi will come back when her data has been analysed so that the group can offer some further feedback, but this time on the findings.