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Current Issue

2018 Volume 1 issue 4


Editorial Get Ready for GPDR (PDF 77K, Downloads file)


Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Misue Recover, a critical review (PDF 379K, Downloads file)

Ward, J

Trials and Tribulations of Male Student Nurse (PDF 184K, Downloads file)

Jackson, P

A Voice of Travail from A Chronic Pain Patient: The Lived-Experience of A Withdrawn Disability Living Allowance (PDF 361K, Downloads file) 

Taiwo, A

Book Review

Assessment and Treatment of Childhood Problems. Third Edition (PDF 73K, Downloads file)

Morgan, A 

2017 Volume 1 issue 3


An Editorial Eulogy (PDF 67K, Downloads file)‌‌


Employability Skills and Graduate Attributes (PDF 293K, Downloads file)

Hadley, J

Mental Health Issues in United Kingdom Higher Education (PDF 207K, Downloads file)

Groves, M

The Impact of Dyslexia on Nursing Students in Higher Education (PDF 228K, Downloads file)

Homer, R

Reflective Account of Professional Practice (PDF 604K, Downloads file)

Holyoake, D

A Prospective Vaccination Approach to Combat Obesity (PDF 868K, Downloads file)

Kutty, P. K.

Socioeconomic Determinants of Type 2 Diabetes in England (PDF 290K, Downloads file)

Chizia, O. S and Bellingham-Young, D. A



2017 Volume 1 issue 2


TEF vs REF: integral or distinct enterprises (PDF 216K, Downloads file)


The impact of HIV stigma in accessing Sexual Health Services among black Sub-Sahara African woman and gay men: A Systematic Literature Review (PDF 316K, Downloads file)

Nyashanu, M., Serrant, L., and Paniagua, H

Retrospect and Prospect: What are the future possibilities in the Care Act (2014) for older parent-carers of adults with learning disabilities? A discussion Pap (PDF 310K, Downloads file)

Grant V., Bates, C‌‌

A study of signposting at the British Red Cross (PDF 470K, Downloads file)

Blanchard, C and Brittain, A‌

2016 Volume 1 issue 1


Editorial Vol 1 issue 1 (PDF 86K, Downloads file)


European women’s views on specialist counselling for female survivors of domestic violence and abuse (PDF 329K, Downloads file)

Bohne, S., Carrilho, P., Morgan, A., Silva, A., and Silva, M

Like fish in the pond (PDF 353K, Downloads file)

Cross, V

Teenage pregnancy in Africa: Trend and Determinants in the 21st Century (PDF 348K, Downloads file)

Odejimi, O and Bellingham-Young, D‌

Find below the October 2015 Issue of the Journal for Health and Social Care Improvement. All articles are in PDF format and will open in a new window. 

October 2015


No Material Ethical Issues (PDF 171K, Downloads file) No Material Ethical Issues

Dr Hilary Paniagua, Editor-in-Chief

Parental Alienation (PDF 81K, Downloads file)

Dr Angela Morgan

Neglect (PDF 84K, Downloads file)

Dr Denise Bellingham-Young


Meta analysis investigating the efficacy of drug treatment and non drug treatment of depression in patients with brain injury (PDF 199K, Downloads file)

Kashif, M and Bellingham-Young, D. A.

Practice Matters

Can Tide Table Tapping Relieve Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? (PDF 263K, Downloads file)

Jones, H

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Board member application form (PDF 24K, Downloads file)

April 2015


Service User Involement in Research (PDF 75K, Downloads file)

Dr Hilary Paniagua Editor in Chief

Editorial (PDF 78K, Downloads file)

Dr Denise Bellingham-Young and Dr Angela Morgan


Practice Matters: Older patients' community care: GP workload and social care views (PDF 351K, Downloads file)

Weatherburn, C, Reid, R and Bruce, D 

Proposed reforms to UK policy on honour based violence: the big societal divide? (PDF 190K, Downloads file)

Eshareturi, C, Morgan, A and Lyle, C

Developing a basic principles model to inform threshold concepts of public health (PDF 101K, Downloads file)

Bellingham-Young, D. A.‌