Research & Enterprise in Education, Health & Wellbeing


The importance of service user and public perspectives in shaping health and social care practice, education and innovation in the 21st century is a central philosophy that underpins our work programmes, commitment to partnership working and professional relationships in CHSCI.

The Centre's work incorporates multi-disciplinary and inter-professional collaboration at local, national and international levels with professional and non-professional groups represented within the health and social care sectors. Engagement with business, voluntary and charitable organisations within the local economy is key to our current and future development.

Improvement in health and social care provision requires that staff are trained to keep pace with developments in a rapidly changing health and social care environment.

This includes being informed effectively of the impact of research-based evidence on their practice.

Along with other schools across the university, CHSCI provides a forum within which colleagues are enabled to explore health and social care clinical practice or education issues alongside other established areas of their school’s work.

Purpose Statement

To promote excellence in health and social care research and enterprise to support and enhance care sector education, practice and service provision.

Our aim is to drive and support quality in the planning, delivery and evaluation of local, national and international care services and development of people by working in partnership with health and social care, private business, third sector and public organisations.

Our work focuses on the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life, promoting health and social wellbeing, and contributes to the development of appropriate policies, professional practice and interventions locally, nationally and internationally. We engage with the business community, utlising our knowledge and expertise through consultancy to address identified needs, drive to improvement projects and contribute to social and economic improvements.

Cross school collaboration

Contributing to health and social care education and practice development with the wider Faculty of Education, Health and Wellbeing is an important aspect of our work in CHSCI. Therefore it is important that the Centre's focus on encouraging interprofessional relationships applies directly to our highly qualified academic staff. In order to facilitate this each subject area has a dedicated research link.

Research Passports

Journal of Health and Social Care Improvement

The Journal of Health and Social Care Improvement has run from 2008 with 11 issues being collated. During this time the journal was a resource for publishing work by novice and more experienced researchers.

We have archived the content and articles, which are still very current and relevant in today's landscape.

There has been a pause in publication during 2013/4 to allow for organisational development but new issues will be online in 2015.

Access the Journal of Health and Social Care Improvement.