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Paul Brownbill

Aristotle’s Chairs 

Peter Cann 

Cann, P. (2014) A Malady Of Migration (writer, director and performer) A collaboration between Talking Birds Theatre Company and the Centres for the History of Medicine (England and Ireland). A play with music, using popular performance techniques to explore issues connected with mental health among Irish migrants to England in the 19th Century. 

Cann, P. (2015) A Almofada de Penas de Cuco (The Cuckoo Feather Pillow) (writer/librettist) A co production between The Portuguese National Theatre and O Teatro Regional Da Serra Do Montemuro.  A one act opera with music by Simon Fraser as part of the performance Memorias Partilhadas.

Cann, P. (2015) Caidos do Ceu (Fallen from Heaven) (director and dramaturg). A show for open air venues touring Portugal.

Richard Glover 

Fairclough, L and Glover, R (2014) Absolute Pitch (installation). Co-commissioned by Whitstable Biennale 2014 and ICIA University of Bath. 

Glover, R (2013) Logical Harmonies [Portrait cd with the label 'Another Timbre']. AT66. 

Corradiation for SATB sung by Exaudi features on: Cassidy, A., Weeks, J., Harrison, B., Chase, S., Bailie, J., Glover, R. and Molitor, C. (2013) Exposure [Corradiation sung by EXAUDI]. HCR06CD. 

Karen Wood

Wood, K & Morfill, S. (2014). 100m line (performance). Performed at Backlit Studios, Nottingham as part of In Dialogue Symposium.