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PhD students

Isi Agboaye: Interrogating and dramatising trauma; a postcolonialist context 

Supervisor: Dr Paul Johnson

David Bryant: SOMA:  Toward a 21st Century Wagnerian Gesamtkunstwerk

Supervisor: Dr Paul Johnson

Gus Gowland: Resisting homophobic stereotypes in British musical theatre

Supervisor: Dr Sarah Whitfield


Kate Hale: An Ethical Playground: Intimacy and Otherness in One-to-One Performance  

Supervisor: Dr Paul Johnson


Leonard Love: New British Musical Theatre in the 21st Century: an investigation of (under-)funding developments and creative processes.

Supervisor: Dr Demetris Zavros


Paul Naylor: The Harmonic, Rhythmic and Structural Forms at Play in Contemporary Vocal/Choral Composition:  A Practice–As –Research (PAR) Investigation

Supervisor: Dr Richard Glover

Greg Marshall: How Digital Culture Informs Live Theatre Practice

Supervisor: Dr Paul Johnson

Samson Onafuye: The origins and reception of Gospel music in the 21st Century Britain

Supervisors: Dr Richard Glover and Dr Rina Arya

Chris Payne: Research into the concepts required to implement successful pedagogical approaches with regards to visual programming in the UK compulsory education sector. Additionally, the production of new software libraries in the visual programming environment Puredata to address the convergence of the subjects of Music, Maths and Computing is seen as fundamental due to recent Government initiatives that promote coding, differentiated learning and a greater national level of Maths competency

Supervisors: Dr Mat Dalgleish and Dr Chris Foster

James B Williams: Creative Interaction and Collaborative Process in Contemporary Music and its Performance

Supervisor: Dr Clare Lidbury