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From Composition to Performance:

From Composition to Performance: innovations and interactions in contemporary string quartets


Book chapters

Bayley, Amanda, ‘Multiple Takes: Using Recordings to Document Creative Process’, in Amanda Bayley (ed.), Recorded Music: Performance, Culture and Technology (Cambridge University Press, 2010), pp. 206-224.

Bayley, Amanda, and Neil Heyde, Communicating through notation: Michael Finnissy’s Second String Quartet from composition to performance’, in Ronald Woodley (ed.) Notation and Practice: Essays in Musical Performance and Textuality (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming)


Journal articles

Bayley, Amanda, ‘Ethnographic research into contemporary string quartet rehearsal’. In Ethnomusicology Forum 20/3 (2011), pp. 1-27.

Bayley, Amanda, ‘Documenting the compositional process: Michael Finnissy’s Second String Quartet’ [Enquête sur la genèse du Deuxième quatuor à cordes de Michael Finnissy]. In Genesis: Revue Internationale de Critique Génétique, 31 (2010), pp. 37-54 [in French].

Bayley, Amanda, and Michael Clarke, ‘Analytical Representations of Creative Processes in Michael Finnissy’s Second String Quartet’. In Journal of Interdisciplinary Music Studies 3/1-2 (2009), pp. 139-157.


Conference proceedings

Bayley, Amanda and Neil Heyde, ‘Interpreting indeterminacy: filming Lutosławski’s String Quartet’, in Eva Mantzourani (ed.), Polish Music Since 1945 Conference Proceedings (forthcoming).

Bayley, Amanda, and Michael Clarke, ‘Analysing Michael Finnissy’s Second String Quartet: A Multimedia Interactive Approach’, in Christian Utz (ed.), Music Theory and Interdisciplinarity. 8th Congress of the Gesellschaft für Musiktheorie Graz 2008 (musik.theorien der gegenwart) 4, (2010), pp. 319-334.



Kreutzer Quartet: Four Quartets (Divine Art, 2012).

Software DVD

Bayley, Amanda, and Michael Clarke, Evolution and collaboration: the composition, rehearsal and performance of Michael Finnissy’s Second String Quartet using Max/MSP software (Lancaster: PALATINE, 2011). Contact us to order a copy of the DVD.