CASR Research in Sociology

Journal articles

  • The investment and regenerative value of addiction treatment, Drugs and Alcohol Today, Drugs and Alcohol Today, 15 (1), March 2015
  • ‘Creating a legacy of long-term indebtedness:  The toxic impact of payday loans in Wolverhampton’, Social Policy Review 26, July 2014
  • Caste in Britain: Experts’ seminar and stakeholders’ workshop, Equality and Human Rights Commission research report 92, Spring 2014 (with Dhanda, D., Mosse, D., Waughray, A., Green, R. & Mundy, J.)
  • Should Ethnicity Matter when we teach about Race’ , (2008)  in Race Ethnicity and Education, vol. 11. (4) pp415- 428  Routledge, ISBN/ISSN1361-3324
  • Let’s talk the ‘race talk’  Using Inclusive and Engaging  Teaching  Strategies in the classroom in  Race (ing) Forward: Transitions in Theorising ‘race’ in Education  published C-SAP  HEA., (Ed.) Housee,S, Hylton ,K and Pilkington, A. (2009)
  • When silences are Broken’ an out of class discussion with Asian Female Students, in Educational Review,  in  (2010) 62: (4) pp 421-434 ISBN/ISSN:0013-1911
  • To veil or not to veil  -students speak out on Islamo-phobia from class, In  Enhancing Learning in the Social Sciences (EliSS), 2(3),  (2010) ISBN1756-848X  
  • What difference does ‘difference’ make? A discussion with ethnic minority students about their learning experience in higher education (2011) in LEARNING AND TEACHING Volume 4, Issue 1, Spring IBSN 1755-2273
  • And Still We Rise. A story of resilience and transgression For Enhancing Learning in the Social Sciences (EliSS), Spring Vol,3 No.3.  ISSN:1756-848x  2011
  • What’s the point ?  Anti-racist counter narratives against Islamophobia (2012) - in Race, Ethnicity and Education,  for a special journal issue on Critical Race theory in education. Routledge.  Vol. 15 Issue 1 . IBSN: 2012 136-33241470-109
  • Let us (w)right the wrongs of racism from classroom teaching and learning,  (2014) in Heathwood Press

Joint editor of the following texts

  • Race (ing) Forward: Transitions in Theorising ‘race’  in Education (2009) published Sociology, Anthropology, Politics  (C-SAP)  HEA The Higher Education Academy Network  (Ed.) Pilkington,  Andy, Housee, Shirin,  and Hylton ,Kevin.
  • Atlantic Crossings: International  Dialogues on Critical Race Theory  (Ed) by Kevin Hylton, Shirin Housee, Andrew Pilkington, and Paul Warmington  Published  (2011)  Sociology, Anthropology, Politics (C-SAP), The Higher Education Academy Network

Forthcoming book early 2016

Addressing Islamophobia in Higher Education,   publishers: Institute of Education Press/Trentham Books