Dr Peter Day

Title: Senior Lecturer - Photography

Email: p.day@wlv.ac.uk

Phone: 01902 323393

About Dr Peter Day

Peter is a researcher, educator and artists with published works that deal with art and design pedagogy and the representation of the banal and everyday experience through photographic and digital media. Broader research interests have focused on the use of artworks as rehabilitation and re-cooperation tools in therapeutic communities fostering working partnerships within the NHS Primary Care Trusts. Peter has been recognised for his teaching and research through an HEA teaching fellowship 2009-2011 and StAR teaching awards 2006.

Dr Mike Dobson, Lecturer in Anthropology at Exeter University said of the work Invisible Boundaries 2007: I like the idea of a world disappearing if it is not photographed. I'd like to read more about this concept. It reminds me of (I think Aristotle) who said that things need only exist if we can see them, and if we no longer see them then how can we be sure they exist. This opens up the whole issue of existence, and hence your idea of "Being". Invisible Boundaries is a work that deals with how personal experience mediates through our collective photographic images and the theory of this representation. Peter has exhibited this work within the UK and Europe.

I believe that making art is the dynamic that drives all of my other work, specifically my current thinking on education. I have qualifications at BA level in Combined Studies in Art and Design, from Crewe and Alsager College where I combined media such as physical theatre, choreography and image toward an essay on visual texts in Concrete Poetry. An exhibition and a performance of a collaborative work ‘La mort d'amour’ were my practical outcomes. I was interested in artworks that sat towards the edge of usual semiology, such as the cut-up and stream of consciousness. My MA in Photographic Studies from Derby University developed these sympathies further in reviewing digital photographic technologies alongside the experimental image work of the Bauhaus. I was invited to study and test these theories further at the Bielefeld Fachhochschule by the Graphic Design Lecturer, Gerd Fleischmann.

My doctoral research created an archive of documentary images of 9 Sandford Walk, my home for over 10 years. This work looked at how the experiential manifests itself in photographic images and more so in an archive of works that span a greater length of time in greater number. Photographic archives question the significance of the dominant singular image and create linear and non-linear narratives across individually selected pathways. The work has been exhibited nationally at the Michal Tippet Centre, Bath Spa University and Thelma Holbert Gallery. It has been published in Volume Magazine and at the Berlin Typo Festival.


Web Address for current artworks and publications: www.peteday.co.uk