Mr David Jones

Senior Lecturer, Ceramics

Jones David
Email address: Phone number: 01902 321958 Location: MK Building, MK007 Faculty: Faculty of Arts School/Institute: Wolverhampton School of Art Areas of expertise: Ceramics


David is a maker, researcher and theorist dwelling on the relationship between craft, art and design and with a particular focus on the  place of the hand-made and fire in post-industrial culture, particularly within ceramics. He has a BA in Philosophy and Literature from the University of Warwick, where he was tutored in aesthetics by Father Cyril Barrett. He has subsequently developed an international reputation as one of the leading exponents and theorists of Raku-fired ceramics and firing having authored two significant books  and participated in many international exhibitions and symposia, examining ceramics and Craft. His work is featured in many publications on ceramics.

The first publication, Raku – Investigations into Fire dealt with theoretical underpinnings to raku–firing practices around the world; on the basis of this investigation he was invited to create the collaborative, touring exhibition fixing light-fixing fire with the designer and photographer involved in the formation of the book. This then metamorphosed into a further theoretical querying in the book: Firing – Philosophies within contemporary ceramic practice. This is at present finding its next resolution in the making and firing of ceramic forms strongly related to the body, in a further (material-based) expression of  this deepening inquiry.

Membership of professional bodies

Professional Associations

David is a Fellow of the Crafts Potter Association of England and a member of the International Academy of Ceramics.


Selected Publications

  • Jones, D. (2009), Fu-Le International.Ceramic Review .issue 236.  p.14.
  • Jones, D. (2007), Article on Richard Hirsch,Ceramic Review.
  • Theories of Display and Installation. In the proceedings of NCECA. (Erie, Colorado, USA. Journal XXVIII p59 ISSN:0739-1544).
  • Introduction to Searching for Beauty by Richard Jacobs. (Kestrel Books, 2007. ISBN: 0-9548840-6-X.
  • Jones, D. (2007), Publication of the book  Firing – Philosophies within contemporary ceramic practice. (Crowood Press 2007. ISBN: 9 7818611 269355).
  • Jones, D. (2007), New Crafts Future Voices. Conference on the Crafts. 5000 word paper on Synchronicity and the the conference proceedings. ISBN: 1 899837 55 8.
  • Jones, D. (2007) Fragile Ecologies. Article in Ceramics Art and Perception Technical. pp. 70-74.
  • Jones, D. (1999) Raku, Investigations into Fire, publication of a book of 50,000 words and 200 colour pictures surveying the current state of contemporary low-fired ceramics.
  • ISBN: 1-86126-139-x.

Selected Exhibitions

  • 2010: 10th. Anniversary exhibition of anagama-fired ceramics, Tallinn, Estonia. Mastering Raku, mixed exhibition. Based on the book by Steve Branfman. Gorse Mill Studios, Needham, MA, USA.
  • 2008: IAC Members Exhibition, Flicam, Fule, International Ceramic Art Museum, China. Curator  and organiser of, and artist in, the British contingent to create new work in a month-long residency for the New International Museum of Ceramics, Fuping, Shaanxi, China.
  • 2007: Cuban memories, Mixed exhibition of ceramics at the International Museum of Artistic Ceramics in Camaguey, Cuba.
  • 2006: International Symposium of CeramicsExhibition. Invited delegate. Kunstlerhaus 188, Halle, Germany. Durch das Feuer Gehen, Keramikmuseum,Westerwald, Germany, Installed exhibition. +Catalogue ISBN: 3-932673-06-9. Origins, Impact and Contemporary Expression, International Raku Symposium and Exhibition. Eagleheart Art Centre, Grand Junction, Colorado, USA. Catalogue. Tour to: RC Gallery, Portland Oregan, USA. [For NCECA]. Gail Severn Gallery, Ketchum, Idaho, USA. AMOCA, Pomona, California, USA. , Ceramics Research Center Gallery, Arizona State University Museum, USA.
  • 2004: Clay Modern, Gulgong Australia. Mixed exhibition and invited keynote conference speaker. Taiwan Ceramics  Biennale, Yingge, Taiwan selected for exhibition, competition. Tour to Kaoshuing Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan
  • 2002: Fixing Light - Fixing Fire. A Collaborative exhibiton at The Art Gallery and Museum, The Pump Rooms, Leamington Spa.
  • 2001: International Raku Symposium,  exhibitor/speaker, Biseul Arts Centre, Korea. Nyon Triennial Porcelain Competition, Nyon, Switzerland. 2nd. Cheongju International Craft Biennale, Korea. (Honourable Mention). Beaux Arts, Bath. Solo Exhibition

Selected Conferances and Demonstrations

  • 2001-2010: Earth and Fire (CPA Ceramic Fair). Master of ceremonies and exhibitor.
  • 2010: Anagama Firing Symposium, Kohila, Tallinn, Estonia.
  • 2009: Making Futures. Conference paper (peer reviewed and presented) at Plymouth College of Art, Mt. Edgcumbe, Devon.
  • 2009: China research and lecture tour (sponsored by British Council) to Sujhou and Jingdezheng
  • 2008: Keynote conference presentation at Keramikei VII, Afyon University, Turkey 
  • 2007: New Crafts Future Voices. Conference on the Crafts. Selected to present  5000 word paper on Synchronicity and the Crafts. conference proceedings. ISBN: 1 899837 55 8
  • 2007: Invited to lead a panel discussion on “Theories Of Display And Installation” at the NCECA conference in Kentucky USA.

Further information

Work in National Collections

  • Biseul Arts Centre, Korea.
  • Boymans Van Beunigen, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
  • City Museum, Hanley, Stoke on Trent, UK.
  • FuLe International Museum of Ceramics, Fuping, Xian, China.
  • Inax, Tokyo, Japan.
  • Iris, Porvoo, Finland.
  • Keramion, Frechen, Germany.
  • Liverpool Museum, England.
  • Museo Nacional de Ceramica Gonzalez Marti, Valencia, Spain.
  • National Museum, Auckland, New Zealand.
  • National Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Staatliches Museum fur angwandte Kunst, Munchen, Germany.
  • Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taipei County, Taiwan.
  • Wedgwood Museum, Barlaston, Stoke on Trent, UK.
  • Westerwald Ceramic Museum, Hoehrgrenzhausen, Germany.
  • Württembergisches Landesmuseum, Stuttgart, Germany.